7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Function Venue

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When it comes to celebrating special occasions, it calls for a setting that matches its significance. Venues help to dictate the atmosphere and the functionality of your event, which is why careful selection is such a pivotal step, and while it may take some time to arrive at the best location for you, it can make all the difference for your guests.

To find the venue that will make your event one to remember, there are specific elements to consider to ensure it is suitable for your guests, as well as provides the ambience you’re after. Tatalia Function Centre hosts a range of spectacular venues, with services and facilities that support the needs of your guests. From our experience in this industry, we’ve provided a list of factors to consider when choosing an event venue for your next event.

Appearance, ambience and atmosphere

We’ve placed this as our first of many tips for choosing the perfect venue because it is one of the most exciting elements during venue hunting. Finding a place with the right appearance can leverage your event to have the ambience and atmosphere you love that suits the occasion.

If the potential venue meets all the other criteria, but fails to make you excited by its appearance, it might not be the canvas you need to make your event shine. You can also ask venue owners for photos of what the venue looks like when it’s set up, such as with examples of past events they’ve held to help you realise its true potential.


Accessibility for your guests is one of the more important factors to consider when choosing an event venue because you want to provide everyone you’ve invited with the opportunity to attend. When considering the accessibility of a venue, you can look at it in two ways. The first is the physical location and proximity to most of your guests; if your venue is far away and requires expensive transport options (such as air travel), many of your guests might not be able to attend.

Accessibility for disabled guests is the other consideration. Function rooms without the infrastructure to support guests with accessibility requirements can alienate these guests and make it harder for them to attend.

Size of the venue

Another must-have is a function room that can hold the number of people you invite. Knowing the number of guests is crucial before venue hunting as it will eliminate a lot of options and help you narrow down your search. If you’re looking for an intimate space for a family event, you wouldn’t shop for the same places that holds weddings. Function room providers should have this information ready so you can get in touch to determine its suitability before you view it.

Catering, food and canapé options

While many venues will be happy to help you organise your own catering to meet the preferences of your events, others have in house options without the capacity to onboard external companies. This can disrupt your whole search if you’re after something specific, so it’s important to check what each venue offers and allows. This can also work in your favour as function rooms take care of the food and catering for your special event, ensuring everyone’s satisfied.

Sound quality and associated options

For many events, like conferences, birthdays and weddings, the sound is an integral part of a successful day. If your function room is too big or small, it can affect the acoustics of the room and your guests might have to contend with an annoying echo all day, or people might have to yell to be heard when giving speeches. This is a fast way to compromise an otherwise perfect event, so remember to ask the venue if they have microphones to use, as well as the quality of their speakers. Another of our tips for choosing the perfect venue would be to test sound systems before you confirm the booking.

Facilities and amenities

One of our final but equally important tips for choosing the perfect venue is to make sure the function room has all the amenities you need for a successful day. Depending on what your event is, amenities can include tables, chairs, speakers, DJ equipment, screen displays and more. It can also include more general facilities, like enough bathrooms and a team to help you set up before and clean after the event. When contacting the venue, run through the plan for the event and ask them to confirm if everything is manageable at their location.

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There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing an event venue. Fortunately for you, Tatalia Function Centre offers all above and more. Find out more about how our venues could be perfect for your next event by contacting us directly today.