5 Reasons to Have Your Corporate Event & Accommodation in the Same Venue

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If you plan an upcoming conference or corporate event welcoming guests from far and wide, accommodation is an integral part of the planning process. 

Without easily accessible lodging options, those attending your event may be dissuaded from coming at all. After all, influencing factors like high hotel expenses, additional travel costs, and limited availability in your chosen area can deter even the most interested attendee. This is why combining your conference venue & accommodation makes so much sense. 

At Tatalia Function Centre, we understand that this pivotal decision can make life easier for both organisers and their guests. With so many advantages on offer, you can work to ensure that your event is a resounding success. Here are five reasons why you should have your next corporate event and accommodation in the same location. 

1. Provide an Easier Experience for Guests with Corporate Event Accommodation

Every conference aims to encourage its guests, clients, or customers to actively participate. Whether this means drawing in high attendance, enjoying in-depth discussions, or highlighting innovative designs and services, your attendees will have the opportunity to appreciate your event as a complete experience when you opt for combined conference venue accommodation. 

The additional benefits of corporate event accommodation, including minimal commute times, potentially lower costs, and a variety of first-rate services, will ensure that your guests have a lasting, positive impression of your event and your business. 

2. Offer Opportunities for Down Time with Event Accommodation

We all know that conferences can take a toll on those involved. Whether participating in lectures, group discussions, demonstrations, workshops, or social networking, the last thing you need at the end of a long day is to be fighting your way through traffic on a torturous commute home. 

By providing easily accessible corporate event accommodation, your guests will have the opportunity to rest and recharge, ensuring that they are fresh and ready for the duration of your event. 

They can even choose to continue collaborating or networking with one another after hours, so whatever their preference, they will have the chance to access what they need to get the most out of your corporate event. 

3. Achieve Greater Value for Your Corporate Event Accommodation

When you choose a combination of conference venue accommodation, there are prospects of gaining access to discounted rates for your attendees and the opportunity to take advantage of amenities and services like conference rooms, technology and more. 

At Tatalia Function Centre, we offer a selection of conference rates for our corporate event accommodation, ranging from standard to deluxe options, to incentivise and show our appreciation to those who trust us with their events and conferences. 

4. Combine Corporate Amenities with the Comfort of Event Accommodation

With the stress of selecting suitable conference venue accommodation dealt with, you can spend your valuable time focusing on the finer points of your event. 

Deciding on acquiring resources, room layouts, catering requirements, and in-house assistance takes time. Choosing a combined venue means you can access a one-stop shop for all these requirements and more. 

After all, having everything focused in one place via corporate event accommodation removes the need for potentially confusing organisation, enabling you to concentrate on making your corporate event the best it can be. 

5. Centralised Communication for All Conference Venue Accommodation Requirements 

Collaborating with multiple individuals from various services and businesses opens endless opportunities for miscommunication and human error. 

Fortunately, when you choose a combined venue for your next corporate event accommodation, you can communicate with one centralised team, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and slip-ups on the big day. 

Clear, quality communication is the bedrock of any professional team, so taking full advantage of the streamlined service provided at a combined venue will work only to further enhance your conference experiences for both organisers and guests. 

Choose Quality Event & Conference Venue Accommodation with Tatalia Function Centre

At Tatalia Function Centre, we offer a variety of suites to accommodate the guests attending your next event. Situated alongside lush private gardens and amenities like a swimming pool, outdoor spa, and BBQ areas, you could not choose a more picturesque location to entice your attendees to make an appearance. 

To learn more about how you can enjoy our conference venue accommodations, contact our team at 03 5481 3333 today to discuss details, including rates, rooms, and booking procedures. You can also email us at functions2@richriver.com.au or submit an online enquiry, and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.